Four good reasons why you should use Market Expert

Overcome barriers to processing complex data

Hospitals and health systems need current, reliable and meaningful information about their local markets to help them make sound business decisions. But collecting and processing this complex data requires time and resources – two commodities many organizations can’t afford to spare. IBM Market Expert® is designed to make it quick and easy to capture, report and analyze your market data.

Visualize your opportunities with advanced mapping

Mapping is a critical component of your planning process. The mapping function in Market Expert utilizes Esri®, one of the leading providers of geographic information systems (GIS) technology. This allows you to see greater context of the area surrounding your selected market, including more detail around landmarks and streets. Plus, its flexibility provides more options for thematic data displays.

Grow your business through better decision making

Market Expert provides detailed analyses of historic and projected market and facility patient volume. It offers insight into physician demand, disease prevalence and health status. The market intelligence delivered through Market Expert uses advanced methodologies to identify characteristics and local variations in use and practice patterns – backed by comprehensive data and validation studies. Market Expert’s outpatient analysis is powered by one of the largest datasets in the industry.

Tap into a variety of powerful databases

Market Expert also incorporates information from the Watson Health PULSE™ Healthcare Survey, which reports on the health behaviors, utilization, health status and attitudes of more than 80,000 US households. You also gain access to comprehensive, local, sociodemographic and lifestyle data from the Claritas PRIZM® Premier database – available at multiple levels of geography.

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