Five good reasons to use these services

Take advantage in-depth IBM support

IBM has more than 30 years of post-sales technical support experience and thousands of certified professionals. We offer services in 209 countries and territories covering 127 languages and with 70 remote support centers. Take your post-sales technical service approach to the next level by applying IBM time-tested infrastructure and industry-leading analytic insights.

Accelerate time-to-market for new products

Speed time-to-market for new and emerging product lines by using our global services infrastructure as if it were your own. By out-tasking technical support services to IBM you can save time, money, and resources that you would normally use for post-sales technical support. We offer assessment services to help you determine the best combination of post-sales technical support services.

Use IBM analytics for insights and preventive maintenance

IBM support uses analytics to help uncover customer insights from event-driven field data. You can then apply these insights through the line of business where it can enhance product design, engineering, marketing, procurement, and customer support. Analytics helps to predict when replacement parts are needed – reducing costs and downtime – while increasing efficiency and availability. It moves you from an interval-based to a conditions-based methodology that can reduce end-user impact.

Gain more flexibility with your investments

IBM support services allow you to build out the features and functionality of your products instead of using those funds to create and maintain your own post-sales technical support infrastructure. By choosing IBM as your single-source global provider, you can significantly reduce the complexity of post-sales support. IBM has highly skilled personnel that can provide enterprise-class services – while your organization can save on the cost of hiring, training, or retaining staff.

Verify activities driving your digital business processes

By embedding blockchain into Multivendor Support Services "smart contracts," we can provide transparent, audit-ready transaction data while monitoring SLA metrics and accountability. This process also streamlines and automates the billing processes to more closely match the speed and dynamism of the digital business model. With blockchain now an integral part of IBM's Support as a Service portfolio, we can provide you new-found confidence that you are receiving exactly what is expected.