LinuxONE Emperor: An enterprise Linux server platform

Extreme scalability and performance

The IBM® LinuxONE™ Emperor™ allows for an enterprise Linux infrastructure approach. It is available with up to 141 configurable cores using the world’s fastest commercial processor running at 5.0 GHz, for impressive performance and massive scaling. It can support up to 8,000 virtual Linux servers on a single footprint.

Industry's best security and reliability

Rely on the highest security and 99.999% uptime on a server designed to avoid or recover from failures. High availability is realized through component reliability, redundancy, and features that assist in providing fault avoidance and tolerance, as well as permitting concurrent maintenance and repair. Intrinsic platform security provides safer and faster data encryption.

Enterprise qualities of service

LinuxONE Emperor enables enterprise grade Linux, one that is more robust and trusted for critical workloads, providing high performance and throughput to deliver a lower cost per transaction. When your IT infrastructure needs to be expanded, the efficiency, flexibility and qualities of Emperor are best in class. Its design allows you to grow capacity inside the server—on the fly—without affecting the running environment.

Simplicity and significantly lower TCO

Lower your costs by managing fewer servers, reducing complexity, gaining unparalleled utilization. Emperor enables scaling within a single server helping to eliminate the need to constantly buy, configure, and manage new services to handle growth. That means that the virtualization capabilities in a single Emperor system can result in a less complex Linux infrastructure with fewer components, less management, less space requirements, and less software costs than x86 servers.

Usage based pricing

Take control of your IT costs. Usage-based pricing offers cloud-like pricing for an on premise LinuxONE solution.

Flexible financing options

Take advantage of financing options to accelerate your move to the enterprise Linux platform your business needs.

Customer case studies

Everledger & Diamonds: Building a Secure Blockchain

The Plastic Bank: Alleviating poverty and ocean plastic

How customers use it

  • IBM LinuxONE: UK Met Office Weathering the Storm


    Critical role of technology to predict weather to protect lives, property and the national interest


    Graham Mallin, Executive Head of Technology, Met Office and -¬‐ Richard Lawrence, Enterprise IT Architect, Met Office join WIRED Brand Lab Editor Jim Daly to discuss how Met Office uses LinuxONE for reliable weather forecasting.

  • IBM LinuxONE : Avoid Travel Delays and Breaking New Ground


    Utilization of large-scale structured and unstructured data to react to air travel delays


    Donna Dillenberger, IBM Research Fellow, demonstrates the use of the LinuxONE server using deep analytics and massive scalability to help millions of stranded travelers.

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