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Limelight Cloud Security Services are a comprehensive cloud-based suite of software that enables organizations to assure website and digital experience availability while also protecting specific digital content from unauthorized access or theft. Limelight Cloud Security Services capabilities are integrated with our global content delivery network, and assure website availability and protect digital content from unauthorized access or theft.

Defensive Protection

The large size and distributed nature of the Limelight Network inherently protects your infrastructure against malicious traffic flooding by absorbing most attacks before they ever reach your origin

Vigilant Application and Data Security

Using the global reach of the Network, encrypted content delivery and multiple access control methods enable you to protect your digital assets.

Security Alert

Security alert provides globally distributed anycast addresses to ensure attacks are distributed across multiple POPs, as well as DDoS attack detection and alert notifications.

WAF Complete

WAF Complete includes active mitigation of Layer 7 DDoS attacks including bot detection and WAF protection with custom rules and 24X7 security operations center monitoring.

DDoS Attack Protection and Mitigation

Strong origin and website protection against a wide range of DDoS attacks with real-time behavior analysis identifies attacks with legitimate traffic.

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