Accelerate testing and development with virtual data copies

Organizations need to release higher quality software more rapidly and more often to improve customer satisfaction and competitiveness. Delivering quality software requires thorough testing using production-like test data. In just minutes, IBM InfoSphere Virtual Data Pipeline delivers secure, virtual copies of production databases while consuming no additional storage resources.

Accelerate time-to-market

Provides data automation tools for DevOps and test data management to give teams the data to bring new software releases faster to customers.

Reduce cost of software development

Virtual copies are storage efficient, ensuring significant storage savings in data centers, remote offices, and in the cloud.

Improve software quality

Enables critical bugs to be caught early in the development life cycle to significantly improve the product quality & predictability.

Increase software release reliability

Unit testing by developers, automated build testing, and functionality and regression testing can be performed on full virtual copies of production-like data-sets.

Protect sensitive data

A single golden image along with role-based access controls and automated masking reduces risk exposure.

Expand test coverage

A single platform for multiple applications and databases means flexibility, easier administration, lower costs, and avoidance of additional point-tools and infrastructure silos.

Key features

  • Near instant multiple copies
  • Self-service access
  • Data Refresh
  • Test in the cloud

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