Key features

Integrate your data across multiple systems

Consolidates disparate data into a single, reliable record to help ensure that the best data is maintained across multiple sources and systems. Load the master record into operational data stores, data warehouses or master data applications to create a trusted source of information.

Better understand and govern your business information

Uses a standardized approach to help you discover your IT assets and define a common business language for your data. Introduces open metadata features to support your data compliance and governance initiatives.

Assess, analyze and monitor data quality

Allows you to derive more meaning from your data, using integrated rules analysis on a scalable platform. Loads cleansed information into analytical views to enable you to monitor and maintain data quality. Reuse these views across the enterprise to establish data quality metrics that align with business objectives, allowing your organization to quickly uncover and fix data quality issues.

Integrate with Apache Hadoop®

Enables data integration, data cleansing, and data profiling and analysis workloads to run on the data nodes of a Hadoop cluster. This allows you to introduce data enhancement, integration and governance features where your big data is stored, to minimize data movement. Provides support for Hadoop files including data formats, character sets and data types.

Customer case study

Leading with data privacy to accelerate digital transformation