IMS Fast Path Solution Pack details

Autonomics Director

The integrated Autonomics Director for z/OS® helps maintain the health and performance of IMS™ by automating recurring database monitoring and maintenance tasks. It increases the efficiency of your IMS environment by automatically discovering databases and existing database groups in your environment, initiating database evaluations using health statistics, while avoiding your peak operations times and exploiting the power of IMS sysplex automatic failover and workload management support.

IMS Database Repair Facility

Enhance the integrity and availability of your VSAM and OSAM organized IMS databases by making repairs quickly. The interactive capabilities of IMS Database Repair Facility help you make pointer or data error repairs in a short time, which means that the affected database only needs to be taken offline for a brief period.

IMS Fast Path Advanced Tool

Improve processing efficiency and greatly reduce the time and resources needed for operation using the integrated tool functions. IMS Fast Path Advanced Tool provides concurrent unload, reload, reorganization, restructure, analysis DMAC print, and extract of multiple DEDB areas without impacting all areas of a database, all in a single step.

IMS Fast Path Basic Tools

Analyze, maintain, tune and migrate DEDBs without bringing up an IMS online system environment. These powerful tools, including DEDB Pointer Checker, DEDB Tuning Aid, and DEDB Unload/Reload, offer numerous utilities and functions such as database integrity verification, and summary and detail analysis reports to improve database management, maintenance, and performance tuning.

IMS Fast Path Online Tools

Enhance how you manage and maintain the performance of your IMS database with the IMS Fast Path Online Tools, including an Online Pointer Checker, Online Data Extract, Online Area Extender, Online Expert Reorganization and Online DMAC print utilities. These functions can be conducted without having to take the IMS database offline.

IMS High Performance Image Copy

Get fast backup and recovery of database data sets and extend IMS capabilities using advanced copy technology. Automated operation takes the database offline before taking a batch image copy and restarts it after the process. The number of tapes used is reduced by stacking more than one image copy on the same tape. Image backups are taken while various reorganization tools are executing, enabling use of databases immediately after they are reorganized.

IMS Library Integrity Utility

Prevent accidental misuse in production with the IMS Library Integrity Utility that allows you to validate, compare, map, recover, report, and regenerate a number of IMS libraries needed for operations. Supported libraries include the ACB (Application Control Block), DBD (Data Base Definition), PSB (Program Specification Block), and MFS (Message Format Services) libraries. Use the utilities in conjunction with database maintenance tasks and migration operations.

IBM Management Console for IMS and Db2 for z/OS

Simplify the management of complex system environments and enhance the solution with the IBM Management Console for IMS and Db2® for z/OS. The console consolidates information from IBM IMS and IBM Db2 for z/OS systems in a single interface that is accessible from a standard web browser.

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