What you get with IMS ETO Support for z/OS

System management simplification

IBM® IMS™ Extended Terminal Option (ETO) Support for z/OS® simplifies the management of IMS ETO environments. While it supports all types of IMS terminals, it also supports the customization of user sign-on and sign-off screens – as well as the display of error messages during sign-on. It also supports logging of pertinent error information using IMS log records. IMS ETO Support keeps track of all IMS ETO definitions and allows them to be refreshed without an IMS Restart.

Improved sign-on and sign-off

IMS ETO Support has specific capabilities for ETO sign-on and sign-off. For example, the product allows each device type (SLU1, SLU2, SLUP, and ISC) to move directly into MFS test mode directly after a successful ETO sign-on. It can clean up IMS conversations, reset terminal status and de-queue existing messages during ETO sign-off, which can prevent error conditions on subsequent ETO sign-ons.

Ability to create and refresh ETO user exits

The IMS ETO function allows users to tailor their terminal and user definitions using a number of user exits. These exits must be written in the Assembler language which can be challenging for customers. The IMS ETO Support allows the user exits to be created using keyword parameterization – avoiding the need for customers to code in the Assembler language. The user can define multiple LTERMs for the same user, set auto sign-off values and set LTERM names for OTMA sessions.

Advanced security for users and terminals

With IMS ETO Support you get advanced security to secure IMS commands at the keyword level. It provides this greater security by using the IBM RACF CIMS class, the IMS Command Authorization user exit or through special IMS ETO Support security profiles. It also has the capability to restrict user and terminal access to specific times during the day.

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