IMS Enterprise Suite Components

IMS Explorer for Development (IMS Explorer)

Simplifies IMS™ application development tasks with this Eclipse-based graphical tool. Use the IMS Explorer to display and edit IMS databases, segments, fields and more. Delivered through the IBM Explorer for z/OS® Aqua platform, IMS Explorer can work with other Eclipse-based products to support application development cycle. Install IMS Explorer from the mainframe development tools download site.

IMS Data Provider for Microsoft .NET

Enables you to use standard SQL queries to access IMS data from .NET applications. It delivers high-performing, secure access to IMS data and simplifies the development of Microsoft .NET applications (for example, C# and Visual Basic) that access IMS.

IMS SOAP Gateway

Allows you to get more value from your trusted IMS application assets in an SOA environment, without requiring any changes to your business logic. With SOAP Gateway, your IMS applications can call out to web services, or be called from web services, independent of platform, environment, programming language, or programming model. IMS SOAP Gateway runs on z/OS and can be ordered through Shopz (PID 5655-TDA).

IMS Connect API for Java

Extends connectivity of distributed platforms to IMS and simplifies application development for stand-alone, user-written IMS Connect clients. IMS Connect API for Java is supported on z/OS, Linux on distributed platforms and Windows systems.

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