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Keeping pace with patient-centric care in oncology

Watson for Oncology is keeping pace with patient-centric care in the oncology specialty.

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Concordance rates of 96% for lung, 81% for colon and 93% for rectal cancer cases

Early experience with IBM Watson for Oncology (WFO) cognitive computing system for lung and colorectal cancer treatment.

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Cognitive computing in oncology: A qualitative assessment of Watson for Oncology

Cognitive computing in oncology: A qualitative assessment of IBM Watson for Oncology in Mexico.

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Realized concordance rate of 83% for multiple cancer types

Concordance assessment of a cognitive computing system in Thailand.

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Watson for Oncology patient story: Bharati's cancer journey

Hear from Bharati on how her oncologists leveraged the insights from Watson for Oncology to develop her treatment plan.

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How Watson for Oncology helped in my battle against lung cancer

TJ has been working with the team of oncologists at Jupiter Medical Center since his diagnosis using IBM Watson for Oncology.

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Concordance and decision impact using AI in high-risk breast cancer

Concordance, decision impact and guidelines adherence using artificial intelligence in high-risk breast cancer.

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