What it can do for your business

Field technicians must manage complex work orders, schedules and technical issues – while being good stewards for the company. IBM offers an innovative set of mobile app solutions designed to equip field service technicians with the insights they need to transform time out in the field into opportunities for enhancing customer experiences, brand loyalty and the bottom line.

Solve issues quickly and track SLAs

Field technicians are empowered to better handle service events and to support adherence to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) on enterprise contracts.

Use analytics to avoid outages

By using mobile app analytics, field technicians can better manage their work to maintain and service internal network infrastructures, such as cell towers and central exchanges.

Upsell services and increase revenue

Mobile apps can equip technicians to present standard or personalized offers to customers, based on analytics. They have the right tools and information to successfully close more add-on sales.

Easily test communication lines

Mobile apps enable field technicians to test service performance of communication lines. Technicians can monitor line speeds or request diagnostic tests to rectify a service quality issue.

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