Manages indexed sequential access method (ISAM) files

IBM® Informix® C-ISAM® is a library of C-language functions that manages indexed sequential access method (ISAM) files. It bypasses the overhead of a relational database management system (RDBMS) and provides fast, efficient access to database records.
IBM Informix C-ISAM

Works fast and is compliant

Provides quick data retrieval using B+ tree-index architecture. Passes X/Open XPG test suite for ISAM and is X/Open standards-compliant.

Provides versatility and flexibility

Supports multiple languages through global language support (GLS). Offers flexible indexing options that let you build indexes on multiple fields, a single field or parts of a field.

Improves efficiencey and extensibility

Includes efficient mechanisms for preserving data integrity. Extends your options for Informix C-ISAM data with Informix Standard Engine (SE).