How does IBM XPS work?

Natural language processing

Using Watson’s natural language processing ability, IBM® XPS helps consumers discover and refine product selections based on their responses to a series of questions. For example, after a shopper enters details on a desired jacket or outdoor activity, the software will ask questions about factors like location, temperature or gender to provide a recommendation that seeks to meet the shopper’s specific usage and climate needs.

Conversational commerce

IBM XPS uses chat, messaging and other natural language interfaces to understand customer intent in real time, to drive relevant and contextual interactions that help improve sales. Unlike other product recommendation engines, this conversation with the shopper is what enables IBM XPS to refine its recommendations and deliver a more accurate result.

Tailored product recommendations

Delivered as a service over the internet (SaaS), IBM XPS provides tailored recommendations on your business web site, across online and mobile experiences and can be incorporated into social channels.

Guided shopping experience

Rather than forcing customers to sort through a broad range of product choices that might meet their needs, IBM XPS guides customers along their journey, asking relevant questions such as how and when the desired product is expected to be used. The results are more accurate and faster than the traditional search and filtering technology that is currently in use on many commercial web sites.

Cognitive learning for future use

Insights gained can help make your business smarter. You can use customer-driven insights to inform product development, marketing and merchandising decisions.