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Digital Design Challenge

Not quite sure how to solve your user’s problem? Or maybe it’s time to disrupt the market. Let us show you how to trade in evolutionary changes for revolutionary changes.

IBM Bluemix Garage

A consultancy with the DNA of a startup helping companies design, build and deploy smarter apps using IBM Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile DevOps.

Digital Innovation Consulting

Meet the challenges of the rapidly changing digital age by developing new business models, new expertise, and new ways to work with IBM iX consulting services. Experience the full 360 experience of our IBM iX Auto App, designed by IBM Interactive Experience to show the capability of Watson on an intelligent drive that outsmarts the road ahead.

Understand IBM Design Thinking in 10 minutes

IBM Design Thinking is a powerful approach to innovation and brand differentiation that is focused on creating positive user experiences. IBM Design Thinking starts by bringing together a series of traditional design techniques, such as personas, empathy maps, as-is and to-be scenarios, design ideation, wireframe sketches and minimum viable product (MVP) definition. To these traditional design approaches, IBM Design Thinking adds three core practices: hills, playbacks, and sponsor users.

How IBM iX co-creates with clients for business success

This is IBM Interactive Experience in a nutshell. The co-creation starts with a transformative idea, which is powered by insights, drives results, scales for the digital economy and evolves the user experience. Together, we build a unique customer experience that will propel you forward in your digital reinvention.

IBM CIO Leadership Exchange - Design Thinking

Building smarter applications with good design is good for business.  In fact, design-driven companies outperform the S&P by 228% over ten years.  IBM Design Thinking helps you translate your big ideas into disruptive products and services, putting the intended user at the center with a maniacal focus on creating a “wow” customer experience. 

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