What it can do for your business

The only way to truly grasp the power of design thinking is to do it. In an IBM Design Thinking workshop, we put your user first. We will collaborate to truly understand and empathize with your user. Utilizing our shared knowledge, we will uncover hidden insights and illuminate your path forward to transform your user’s experience. Together, let’s explore all kinds of possibilities!

Solve old problems in new ways

As you iterate on the next generation of products and solutions, stay true to the fundamental human need you are solving, and stay in touch with the evolving context it inhabits.

Move with speed at scale

IBM Design Thinking is a framework for teams to understand and deliver great user outcomes at the speed and scale of the enterprise.

Partner in your users’ successes

By shifting the conversation from one about features and functions to one about users and user outcomes, deliver more useful, usable, and desirable solutions.

Key features

  • Digital Design Challenge
  • IBM Bluemix Garage
  • Digital Innovation Consulting
  • Understand IBM Design Thinking in 10 minutes
  • How IBM iX co-creates with clients for business success
  • IBM CIO Leadership Exchange - Design Thinking

Which option is right for you?

  • Digital Design Experience

    In a free 30-minute video session, you will collaborate with IBM designers to spark creativity and innovation.

  • Bluemix Garage

    Leverage IBM Design Thinking to understand the use case and target users, define business hypotheses and the minimum viable product (MVP) scope.

  • Digital innovation consulting

    Depending on your needs and identified focus areas, we work with you to innovate and create a custom solution for your business.