Feature spotlights

Database flexibility

Enables you to optimize database performance based on transactional and analytical workloads. Provides clustering for high speed transactional workloads. Offers in-memory columnar technology to deliver very fast performance without the constraints of other in-memory systems. Handles all workload types locally or in the cloud.

High availability, disaster recovery and workload management

Provides high availability and disaster recovery (HADR) for partial and complete site failures. Protects against data loss by replicating data changes from a source database. Includes capabilities for always-available transactions. When coupled with HADR, this further mitigates the impact of unplanned outages. Offers advanced workload management to optimize the handling of mixed workloads and random inputs and outputs.

Simple to administer

Enables you to easily administer, monitor, manage and optimize the performance of Db2 databases. Simplifies database administrative tasks for both expert and novice users. Consolidates information in a single graphical interface that is accessible from any standard web browser.

Developer tooling

Includes IBM Data Studio, a collaborative tool to streamline database development and simplify administration, and IBM InfoSphere Data Architect, which helps you discover, model and standardize diverse data assets. Also provides SQL compatibility features to help reduce the cost and risk of migrating legacy Oracle database applications to Db2.

Advanced security

Provides native data encryption at rest to assist with security and regulatory requirements. Includes encryption of the entire database and backup images. Provides simple access control methods for developing highly secure database applications.