Feature spotlights

Accelerate database development

Empower developers to write high-quality code rapidly using optimized frameworks. Reduce time-to-market and enhance compliance by modeling data assets and automating database design processes.

Enable advanced database testing

Reduce the risks, costs and time associated with enterprise database testing processes, and improve your ability to meet service level agreements. Add rigorous testing capability by capturing and replaying production workloads. Enhance your ability to test upgrades and migrations, and implement tuning changes.

Enhance cross-team collaboration

Collaborate using a development process that spans database, application and data access requirements. Increase data quality and consistency by using shared policies, models and methods. Improve productivity with a shared solution across roles.

Improve database development and management

Centralize database health monitoring and job management. Use change management capabilities to alter objects, permissions and dependencies. Tune queries for best performance, and automate Db2 migration projects. Supports native encryption for Db2 10.5 FP5 and later versions. Benefit from an Eclipse SDK that enables shell sharing with InfoSphere Data Architect, Rational Application Developer and Rational Developer for z/OS systems.

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