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Mobile Experience of IBM Connections Engagement Center

See how you can access your intranet using the IBM® Connections™ app for Android and iOS.

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IBM Connections Engagement Center from Different Viewpoints

Look at the IBM Connections add-on from the perspective of author, page editor, webmaster and more.

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Discover a dynamic digital workplace

IBM Connections Engagement Center uses IBM collaboration tools to help you collaborate and access critical information.

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Keep it simple

IBM Connections Engagement Center assembles and accesses content in one location. Anyone can be an author.

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Simplify security and compliance

IBM Connections Engagement Center brings compliance information into one, secure place. Nobody misses the memo.

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A Unified Dashboard for a Financial Advisor

See how IBM Connections Engagement Center integrates with IBM Watson® Financial Advisor.

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Ernsting’s family

Fashion retailer creates a digital workplace hub to help employees thrive in their roles.

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Berge & Meer

Travel company strengthens collaboration, fosters innovation and consolidates communication.

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