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Why Communication Server?

IBM Communication Server for Windows provides an industrial-strength networking solution for your workstation. It can provide host terminal emulation, client/server and distributed applications and connectivity across local and wide area networks, such as LANs and WANs. IBM Communication Server for Windows offers a robust set of communications, networking and system management features. For true networking flexibility, a wide range of connectivity services and options are provided.

Communication protocols

With IBM Communication Server for Windows, workstations and gateways can communicate using communication protocols such as TCP/IP and SNA. Communication occurs over a variety of data link controls (DLCs). Mobile users can directly access their host system or another Communications Server through public networks.

API support

Communications Server supports a wide variety of application programming interfaces (APIs) and protocols that are ideal for client/server applications and distributed processing. It also protects your investment in applications by providing compatible APIs for clients and servers. Programs using these APIs can run on any node in the network – whether it is a client or server.

Peer application

IBM Communication Server for Windows has a Common Programming Interface for Communications (CPI-C) and advanced program-to-program communication (APPC) support for peer application environments. The Logical Unit APIs (LUA) for applications that need access to LU 0, 1, 2, and 3 data streams are available for access to many host applications. Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking® (APPN) adds additional power to the basic Systems Network Architecture (SNA) functions supported by the server.

SNA gateway facility

IBM Communication Server for Windows’ powerful SNA gateway facility allows workstations on a local area network to connect to host computers through one set of adapters and physical connections. Remote workstations can also dial in to this gateway and then use a common high-speed link to the host. The gateway performs the function of an LU concentrator, making LU resources from many host and host PUs available to downstream client workstations over communications media supported by the server.

Administration tools

IBM Communication Server for Windows simplifies administration using several tools. These include system and network alerts, message and error logs, trace files and programming capabilities that let you to configure and manage networks and build sophisticated management programs. Complementary network and system management products can access all of these facilities. The Remote Administration feature helps to manage the server over the internet/intranet using a node operations panel.

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