Feature spotlights

Make your patients the center of your schedule

Your landing page shows patients for the day on a map. Each visit card provides data on a patient’s condition and contact information. Tap the map marker for directions to the patient’s home, and on the clock icon at the top right-hand side to view your complete schedule. The schedule dashboard provides an overview of all assigned patients, appointment times, the length of your scheduled visits and patients’ diagnosis. The schedule automatically updates throughout the day.

Patient updates synced in real-time

When you arrive at a patient’s address, you are automatically signed in for that visit. Each patient’s card provides key tools and information, such as a countdown clock that tracks the length of your visit. Work through your tasks knowing how much time you have left in order to remain on schedule. Completed tasks and new notes, photos, videos and audio messages synchronize to your EHR system so that the next scheduled nurse will have the latest information almost as soon as you provide it.

Collaborate with doctors and care facilities

As you speak with your patient and complete diagnostic, clinical and safety checks, call or text your care team coordinator or physician directly from the app by tapping on the icons below their names. Send text message follow-ups, using common messages you’ve saved in the app or composing new ones. Call hospitals or pharmacies to update information, add a patient’s pharmacy or new provider information, get directions, and add pickups to your schedule to aid your patient.

Apple Watch adds flexibility with hands-free operation

Use the full capabilities of your Apple Watch to add hands-free note taking and calling to the other benefits your provide patients. Review, update and add voice notes to Visit Cards. Sync alerts, notifications and reminders to your Watch to help you stay on schedule, and receive calls from team members.

Reliable 24/7 support and service

Through its service plan, IBM and Apple have teamed up to provide you with the most comprehensive support available. It includes 24/7 phone support from Apple and next-business-day on-site service from IBM. Whether buying or leasing devices, the IBM flexible procurement model enables you to go from procurement to deployment quickly. You can also manage all your iOS devices from a single portal and effortlessly apply security policies that ensure data protection on every device.

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