Learn how Health Insights is built to meet your needs

Curated dashboards

We designed our curated dashboards to help you assess cost, use, and quality performance by anticipating how you might explore data, making investigations flow naturally with just a few clicks. We uncover your cost savings opportunities, gaps in recommended care, as well as trend drivers, freeing your time to take follow-up actions quicker.

Self-service reporting

IBM® Health Insights® lets you create your own reports and define specific data you want to drill into. You can create ad hoc reports and dashboards and then share your findings with clients and stakeholders.

Curated analytic views

Through curated analytic views of your data, you can access a deep set of dimensions, measures and benchmarks. These analytic views package commonly-used information, so you can easily find what you need.

Defined drill paths and interactivity

Health Insights enables you to define drill paths for analyses that you often perform. These paths are then saved and set up as a recurring report that is produced each time the database is updated.

Report scheduling, production and distribution at scale

All reports are available online through an intuitive interface which includes the historical data you need to support the needs of your business.


Quickly access comparisons to benchmarks through IBM MarketScan® – one of the largest and most complete normative data sets in the industry. These comparisons help you surface hotspots and can help you identify new opportunities for improvement.


Health Insights lets you tailor specific client or group experiences by selecting distribution methods (interactive dashboards or static reports), configuring reports packages and configuring data and security views.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities

Health Insights uses cognitive recommenders that identify emerging cost drivers and personalized, intelligent chatbots that are trained in healthcare.


Health Insights can produce different views and visualizations – and then package those together to create a story to be shared with various audiences.

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