How customers use it

  • IBM Managed Financial Data API

    IBM Managed Financial Data API


    Users often need to obtain, transform, persist and validate their own data when using risk and investment management tools. This can be a burdensome, time consuming process that limits the productivity of teams leveraging such tools.


    Pass your Managed Financial Data key to other Financial Risk APIs to have all of your data needs met for your computational request. Provides a curated data repository for reference time series data required for the valuation of financial securities.

  • IBM Simulated Instrument Analytics API

    IBM Simulated Instrument Analytics API


    Users need to leverage sophisticated models in order to compute mark-to-market prices, analytics and sensitivities, and stress tests on portfolios of financial securities for investment and risk management and regulatory reporting.


    Computes full revaluation models on financial securities. Users need only supply the exchange traded identifiers and the analytics that they wish to compute in order to obtain financial analytics across most major asset classes.

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