IBM File Manager for z/OS works with IBM Z system data files

IBM® File Manager for z/OS® provides flexible, user-friendly tools for enhanced file processing when working with z/OS data sets, Db2®, CICS®, IMS™ or WebSphere® MQ data generated by the IBM Determination Tools suite. File Manager extends the standard browse, edit, copy, batch and print utilities of Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF) to help developers work with that structured data more efficiently.

Extensive tools for faster development

Leverage an extensive suite of editing, and interactive capabilities to speed development. Find, copy, edit, print, compare and display data from multiple file sources and formats quickly and easily.

Options to choose interactive or batch

Choose either interactive or batch mode when working with data in COBOL and PL/I record layouts.

Intuitive custom data display

Customize the way you work, by choosing which fields to display, copy or print.

Templates that give you a head start

Use templates that are purpose built to support specific types of data management and analysis. Use the customized logical view of the data to view and manipulate data in records as discrete fields.

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