Bringing powerful insights to your maintenance technicians

IBM Maximo APM Equipment Maintenance Assistant augments your asset maintenance program with machine learning techniques and AI tools. This powerful combination provides asset-intensive industries with capabilities to optimize asset repairs based on prescriptive guidance. AI methods using IBM Watson technology are applied to structured and unstructured data associated with repairs, maintenance, procedures and techniques. This offers enhanced insights and recommend optimum repair methods and procedures. It enables equipment manufacturers to detect failure patterns, ensure optimal first-time fixes, and extend the life of critical assets.

Better knowledge sharing

Address challenges associated with an aging workforce by harvesting best practices and technical expertise. Helps maintenance personnel to become better at predicting asset failure and degradation

Improved maintenance KPIs

Increase efficiency of repair up to 10%. Better first-time fix rates (FTF) and improve mean time to repair (MTTR) by identifying the best methods to address specific maintenance needs.

Increase failure diagnosis capabilities

Integrates with asset failure history and engineering knowledge base to provide insights on root-cause failure analysis (RCFA) and failure modes & effects analysis (FMEA)

Gives guidance on the best repair

Offers prescriptive repair recommendations based on a variety of structure and unstructured data inputs. Ingestion can include repair manuals, work orders, written comments, root-cause failures, etc

Extends asset life with optimal repairs

Provides step-by-step repair guidance that can extend asset life and provide compliance based on current standards, regulations, and best practices

Better asset availability & reduced cost

Drives improved asset-related outcomes including better asset availability, decreased unscheduled downtime, reduced maintenance costs, and better operational efficiency

Key features of Maximo APM Equipment Maintenance Assistant

  • Identifies optimal repair based on multiple inputs
  • Supports natural language processing
  • Supports your devices
  • Open with fast out-of-the-box integration
  • AI-powered with continuous learning based on Watson
  • Customizable to your domain

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