IBM Domino Designer features

Eclipse-based flexibility

Gain greater flexibility by using an open source, Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE). Eclipse is the foundation for a range of development platforms and tools from various vendors. It enables you to consolidate development technologies, including Java, XML and web, within IBM Domino® Designer. You can also enhance IBM Domino programming with features such as code compare and search throughout multiple design elements.

XPages mobile and web development platform

Display IBM Notes and other data in browser clients across virtually all mobile and web platforms. XPages is based on web development languages and standards and takes advantage of skills like JavaScript, Ajax, the Dojo Toolkit, Server-side JavaScript and JavaServer Faces. It supports Dojo V1.9.7 to help you build mobile web applications. XPages also includes editors and features to help you take advantage of Eclipse functionality and assistance.

Programmability, language and API features

Produce enterprise business solutions using declarative and procedural languages, an accessible object model and built-in workflow capabilities. Enhancements include: a Server-Side JavaScript debugger (SSJS); Domino Data Services to obtain information on databases, views, folders and documents; and Java classes that incorporate a framework and set of methods for a Java API to expose Domino calendar and scheduling.

Templates, visual development and security tools

Boost productivity and speed with templates to create or update applications. Use visual development to define virtually all aspects of an application, including the schema, security rules, user interface and business logic. Deploy confidently with a granular security feature set and directly integrated authentication model.

What’s new in IBM Domino Designer 9.0 Social Edition?

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Customer case studies

SMC uses IBM Domino and XPages to deliver applications that help users work quickly and effectively.

SMC Corporation of America

Carnival Corporation uses IBM Notes/Domino/XPages to keep sailing smoothly, safely and securely.

Carnival Corporation

Technical details

Software requirements

  • Runs on Windows Enterprise V7, V8; Windows Professional V7, V8; and Windows V10 Pro and Enterprise
  • Supports Microsoft Internet Explorer V8, V9 and V10
  • Supports Mozilla Firefox V17 and future versions, releases and fix packs
  • Supports Google Chrome V25 and future versions, releases and fix packs

Hardware requirements

Please use the following link to access detailed hardware requirements for IBM Domino Designer.

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