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Certain types of Domino applications need to be assessed before they can be moved to DAC. These include apps that integrate with other on-premises apps, have 3rd party dependencies such as Windows drivers, or include server add-on tasks. Let us know if you have questions about your applications.

If you are using Standard or BYOL edition, you can buy additional storage. However if you are using Entry edition and have consumed all 250GB storage available for your applications we recommend moving applications needing additional storage to Standard edition.

Yes, you continue to have full control of the application design. Additionally, you can purchase non-production test instances to conduct database testing before going into production.

Yes, but the Notes Client needs to be licensed separately.

Curently US, Europe and Japan. We are continually evaluating additional data center locations. we use the network of IBM Cloud data centers.. And can offer DAC from any other IBM Cloud data centers if there is enough volume demand

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DAC licensing does not consider user counts. There may be performance implications for large numbers of concurrent users based on the capacity of the environment. You can consult with us if you anticipate very high number of concurrent users for any of your applications.

For new customer instances, we will update DAC within 30 days of a Domino major release. We will reach out to our existing customers to jointly plan upgrades for major releases. We will update DAC for Domino point releases within 30 days and notify customers of planned update timelines.

IBM recommends panagenda’s ApplicationInsights offering to analyze application usage and design information prior to moving to Domino Applications On Cloud. You can use free 30 day trial of Panagenda AI

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ApplicationInsights analyzes your Domino applications and provides reports on usage, the complexity of your entire application environment and highlights code dependencies. By using ApplicationInsights you can evaluate which applications are ready to move to DAC.

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Current Domino customers are entitled to use ApplicationInsights free of charge for up to 50 applications. Customers can purchase additional licenses if they want to analyze more than 50 applications via IBM Passport Advantage.

Domino Applications on Cloud does not include application changes or remediation, application migrations or application code or data maintenance.

Customers may have applications with varying DB sizes. Instead of fixing the DB limit per application to 5GB, IBM Domino Applications on Cloud allows application DB sizes more than 5 GB as long as the total storage limit is not surpassed.

Yes, you have two options. With option 1, the DAC server is another server in your domain. For option 2, we can generate a new domain that you manage separately

A downloads link is provided in the web console available to you when you launch the service.

Its counted as one application, the ntf is not counted.

Names.nsf, admin4.nsf, ddm.nsf, events4.nsf, log.nsf, catalog.nsf, Room&Resource, 2nd Directory and Directory Assistance do not accrue charges. Any database required to operate the Domino server/Domain is not counted. Only application databases are counted.

The minimum order quantity applies to production/primary application environment for Standard and BYOL editions. However buying a second server for Entry edition has the same minimum order quantity as primary.

Yes, for Entry and Standard editions. For BYOL purchases, you must have Domino S&S or purchase licenses separately.

Enterprise PVU /CAL, CEO Comm, DE, CCB are all acceptable underlying licensing types Collaboration Express is acceptable if clustering doesn’t exceed two servers.

Xworks licensing is acceptable as long as NSFs per server limitation is honored.

ICAA entitlement is included with all three editions. Entitlement to Notes client in not included with Entry & Standard edition. Client Access License for Notes Client to be purchased. With BYOL edition if your existing license model includes entitlement to Notes Client, you dont need to buy CAL.

Consider the Standard or BYOL edition which does not have a limit on the number of nsfs.

We provide robust 24/7 monitoring of the cloud environment 365 days per year in our state-of-the-art cloud monitoring network operations center.

Currently support is available in English and German (during business hours only). Please contact us if you have different needs as we will be adding language support.

Domino Applications on Cloud includes replica and disaster recovery backup.

Yes, DAOS is supported.

Please use the support guide at below link, that provides ways to get support.


Inbound : Customer needs to set MX record for DAC. Outbound : Customer needs to configure the correct Smart Host to route outbound email through.

Docker on Linux (CentOS)

No at this point.


We don’t have restrictions on the number of server-side scheduled agents though there may be limitations due to server capacity


We are evaluating SAML support for a future release.

Yes, we have two options:

 1) IBM provides certificates under the domain 
    2)  Customer provides ssl certificates which IBM deploys into the DAC service.

There are two options:

1) For customers using a Hybrid environment, the cloud servers are part of their domain and the user management is done on-premises.

2) When using DAC as a stand-alone environment, the customer does the user management in DAC.

Server access through the Domino Admin Client. No direct access is available to the file system or operating system of the server.

You can access the Data Privacy terms and processes followed information from DAC Service Description (SD) document. The SD provides links to Data Privacy Addendum.

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Normally Domino admin skills are sufficient and potentially Domino developer skills if any changes to the application are required. IBM offers consulting services to assist, if needed. Additionally there are many of our Domino partners available to help too.