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IBM Watson Campaign Automation Demo

Know how IBM Marketing Cloud is today's most ideal digital marketing platform

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IBM Watson Campaign Automation Overview

Learn how to deliver exceptional experiences for customers across the buyer journey

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IBM Watson Campaign Automation Social Audiences

Discover how to target an IBM Marketing Cloud audience on a social channel

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Create Marketing Campaigns the Convert

Find out how to create more relevant interactions

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PensionBee Case Study

This innovative FinTech startup used IBM Marketing Cloud with effective personalized, automated lead nurturing

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Supply.com ROI Case Study

IBM Marketing Cloud delivers 1665% ROI for Supply.com

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Milvus Case Study

Watson Marketing helps Milvus clients have a more personalised and interactive user experience

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Melbourne Spring Fashion Week Case Study

Event attracts more visitors than ever with analytics-driven marketing

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10 Key Marketing Trends for 2017 and Ideas for Exceeding Customer Expectations

Discover 10 key trends that will shape marketing in 2017

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Customer Journey Maps and Buyer Personas: The Modern Tool Kit for Marketing

Learn more about customer journey maps and buyer persona marketing.

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2016 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Guide

Discover how you measure up across more than 15 open, click-through and list churn metrics.

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Marketing Automation eBook: Best Practices Guide

Discover how you can start with a few key features and gradually increase sophistication

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15 Ideas for Anchoring Your Marketing Approach

Learn how to better connect relevant data, personalize engagement and move to a more customer-centric approach.

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