IBM Z Decision Support details

Automated data gathering

IBM Z Decision Support® selectively traps SMF data and transports it to the IBM Z Decision Support Hub for processing, allowing you to quickly find and resolve issues and balance resource consumption to meet business SLAs.

Continuous curation of key performance metrics

Continuous curation of data improves the timeliness of your access to information and analytics so that you can better manage system availability and resolve problems with quicker insight into performance/capacity anomalies.

Out-of-the-box reporting

IBM Z Decision Support gives you standardized analytics and reporting of key performance metrics right out of the box, on green screen as well as on TCR.

Common Data Provider integration

IBM Z Decision Support allows you to stream curated data to an off-platform analytic platform, such as Splunk, using the IBM Common Data Provider for z Systems®. You'll also have access to valuable Splunk dashboards, representing existing IBM Z Decision Support out-of-the-box reports, sourced from that data.

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