Minimize the impact of backups and shorten recovery times

IBM® Db2® Merge Backup for Linux, UNIX, and Windows shortens recovery times and improves the speed and efficiency of your backup processes. The solution lets you perform backups that are transparent to end users, without taking databases off-line or disrupting applications. This minimizes the impact of backups and shortens recovery times on production servers.
IBM Db2 Merge Backup for Linux UNIX and Windows

Meet service level agreements

Create a backup and recovery strategy that helps meet SLAs for accuracy and responsiveness.

Spend more time on higher value tasks

Restore mission critical data in less time, allowing database administrators to focus on other critical business needs.

Simplify and lower costs

Reduce the need for expensive hardware to store multiple full backups, and spend less time on extensive backup processes.

Key features

  • SLA support
  • Data availability
  • Restore features
  • Relevant backup processes

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