Feature spotlights

Enriched mobility

Enables your customers to capture and submit documents on demand using their smartphone or tablet. Increases accuracy with capture and validation at the point of contact, while accelerating content integration into a case file or business process. Offers enriched mobility with iOS and Android apps, and provides an SDK that enables developers to embed Datacap Mobile functionality into their iOS or Android apps.

Intelligent capture

Uses machine learning to capture information. Automatically classifies and extracts content from unstructured, complex or highly variable documents. Analyzes content to understand both the information and context, and determine the next course of action. Builds a knowledge base over time with increased accuracy as it continues to learn.

Use Datacap with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Insert advanced document recognition into your IBM Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with Automation Anywhere. Use the Datacap MetaBot for native and easy integration!

Data protection with role-based content management

Provides role-based redaction features to help protect sensitive data. Enables content collaborators to censor higher level information. Allows you to control confidential data, and mask and restrict content for users to deliver only necessary content.

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