Feature spotlights

Owners develop and create independently

Reduce your costs and save time by allowing content owners to create and manage rich web content more quickly without IT involvement.

Mobile device data easily integrated

Optimize your reach by integrating mobile devices. Reach and increase responsiveness with your mobile customers more easily through targeted content and streamlined user experiences.

Social platforms for collaboration

Access social platforms and increase connections. Make it easier for users to interact with your business and enable conversations. Create and share user profiles, blogs, forums communities, ratings, commenting, polling, surveys and instant messaging.

Tests for optimal engagement results

Improve the overall customer user experience─and your initiative─by running A/B tests to help determine content variations. Run multivariate tests to understand and better the effectiveness of different areas of a website.

Technical details

Software requirements

Visit the Software lifecycle page linked below for more information.

    Hardware requirements

    For details, refer to the URL below.