We have the tools to make your clinical trials simpler

Manage study progress and finances

Track contracting and institutional review board approval milestones across studies, configure expected turnaround times and identify bottlenecks. Manage billing, contracting and other financial aspects of your studies, including conducting and documenting Medicare coverage analyses.

Increase safety compliance with extended EMR integration

Electronically transfer research study and billing configurations to Epic or Cerner and flag study patients.

Document coverage analysis and increase billing compliance

Ensure billing and protocol compliance by adding billing modifiers and coverage analysis documentation directly into the study and budget build.

Track patient visits and recruitment

Streamline patient recruitment and leverage research patient data by creating study specific screening questionnaires, and tracking effectiveness of study recruitment efforts.

Determine operational health

Understand enrollment health, contract turnaround times, accounts receivable, aging, study statuses and time-to-first-patient-in across studies at a glance.

Budget, negotiate, invoice, and track payments

Negotiate study budgets using multiple charge masters appropriate for the funding source, and bolster study selection by making informed financial decisions.

Track time-based staff services

Gain understanding of where team members are spending time to make process improvement changes, track time-based services and help allocate resources.