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IBM Threat Intelligence Insights is an app on IBM Security Connect that delivers unique and relevant threat intelligence prioritized for your organization. It seamlessly integrates with other apps on IBM Security Connect to further continue the investigation and remediation processes.

IBM Threat Intelligence Insights provides you with relevant and actionable threat intelligence, which adds value to every member of the Security Operations Center, from the level 1 analyst to the CISO of your organization.

IBM Threat Intelligence Insights is a SaaS app hosted on IBM Security Connect that you can use to search unique threat intelligence curated by X-Force IRIS, to prioritize relevant threats with the X-Force Threat Score, and to identify impactful threats in your enviroment with Am I Affected.

The information provided by IBM Threat Intelligence Insights on any type of search is sourced from internal infrastructure and databases, as well as from open-source content and third-party partnerships. X-Force Premium Threat Intelligence Reports are curated and published by the X-Force IRIS team.

The data within the platform is updated on a minute-by-minute basis. New capabilities and functionality are implemented on a continuous delivery basis.

The X-Force Premium Threat Intelligence Reports are curated and published by the IBM X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services team. There are five types of reports including: Threat Activity, Malware Analysis, Threat Group, Industry Analysis and Early Warning Research.

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IBM Threat Intelligence Insights is a SaaS app hosted on IBM Security Connect. It works better on the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.

X-Force Threat Score is an adaptive, calculated score that shows threat relevance in percentage format based on a number of collected metrics such as threat severity, malicious indicators, organization profile and threats found in your environment.

Am I Affected is a threat intelligence capability that helps users to quickly determine whether they are affected by threats by searching against applicable network and host-based environments.

In order to connect an on-premise data source to the IBM Security Connect environment it will be necessary to install and run a lightweight Edge device within your network. This will establish a secure outbound connection and enable secure data transfer.

Threat intelligence is a compilation of threat information that is gathered across external sources. Threat data is organized, refined and augmented to make it actionable and allow your cybersecurity team to understand threats and the actors behind them, to prevent and mitigate cyber attacks.

Threat intelligence empowers cybersecurity teams to proactively defend against threats and rapidly respond to threats attacking their organization. It also provides information to identify and understand their adversary, create a response plan and allocate resources strategically.

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The X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services, known as X-Force IRIS, is a group of experts with the skills, expertise, and insight to help your company transform your incident response and intelligence capabilities.

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IBM Security Connect is an open, cloud-based platform that enables organizations to leverage security data and intelligence from all connected security assets.

IBM Threat Intelligence Insights is the next generation of the X-Force Exchange. The application provides nearly all the same functionality the X-Force Exchange does with added features like the X-Force Premium Threat Intelligence Reports, X-Force Threat Score, and Am I Affected.

No, there are no changes to the X-Force Exchange API.

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