Feature spotlights

Dynamic Playbooks

Many security teams are overwhelmed with the increasing volume and complexity of security incidents. Resilient dynamic playbooks can help security teams get ahead. Dynamic playbooks create powerful and agile workflows that can automatically generate response plans based on incident circumstances and adapt them as new information about an incident is uncovered.

Guided Response

Pre-configured tasks and recommendations for common incident types, such as malware, DDOS, ransomware and phishing. Content for technical and business remediation task, based on NIST, SANS and internal best practices, is provided to guide the analyst on the best response process.

IBM AppExchange Support

Drive Incident Response across your entire ecosystem with a wide range security and IT operations tools through the integration ecosystem. More than 100 validated and community apps are now available on the IBM AppExchange, with more being added every month.

Full Threat Opps Integration

Enhance operational efficiency through tight integration with the full Threat Ops portfolio. Prioritize your response process through the threat scoring and relevance and instantly switch from response to threat hunting.

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