What Orchestrated Response can do for you

Orchestrated Response is a complete Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) solution, delivered as part of the Threat Ops offering for IBM Security Connect. Combining Dynamic Playbooks and Security Orchestration & Automation, it simplifies and streamlines incident response by guiding security analysts through the whole process.

Fully integrated with Threat Intelligence Insights and Data Explorer to deliver an end to end Threat Ops solutions, Orchestrated Response empowers security teams to respond quicker and more effectively to complex cyber threats.

IBM Orchestrated Response

Reduce Time to Contain Cyber Attacks

Tight integration with Threat Intel Insights and Data Explorer — combined with dynamic playbooks — guides analysts to priority cases, reducing response times.

Support Real-Time Collaboration

Establish a system of record for Incident Response. Orchestrated Response by Resilient integrates with your existing security architecture and collaboration tools to drive more coordinated response.

Reduce Complexity Through Orchestration

Security Orchestration and Automation allows repeatable processes to be streamlined and automated. Extensive 3rd-party integrations can be delivered via IBM Security AppExchange.

Key Features

  • Dynamic Playbooks
  • Guided Response
  • IBM AppExchange Support
  • Full Threat Opps Integration

Security and privacy in the cloud

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