z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition features

RESTful APIs to and from your mainframe

Expose your applications and data through RESTful APIs or enhance existing mainframe applications with the ability to call external APIs.

Point and click API mapping, no code changes required

Expose your mainframe assets without modifying the underlying programs. An intuitive visual editor makes creating APIs as easy as point and click.

Comprehensive subsystem support

z/OS® Connect Enterprise Edition supports IBM CICS® and IBM IMS™ applications, IBM Db2® data, MQ queues and WOLA-enabled z/OS applications. Additional subsystems can be supported through extensions, including those by third parties such as IBM Data Virtualization Manager, IBM HATS, IBM File Manager and Hogan.

Easy integration with API management solutions

OpenAPI descriptions are automatically created for your APIs so they can be easily imported into API management solutions such as IBM API Connect™.

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