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IBM Data Explorer is a search and investigation app on IBM Security Connect that allows you to access all of your security intelligence data in one unified platform, whether the data resides on-prem, cloud, hybrid or endpoint.

IBM Data Explorer provides easy access to all of your security data, which will allow your SOC analysts, incident responders and threat hunters to perform their job with increased speed and efficiency.

IBM Data Explorer is a SaaS app hosted on IBM Security Connect that you can use to query and normalize all of your security intelligence data. It accesses the data sources by leveraging existing product APIs and the IBM Security Connect Universal Data Service.

IBM Data Explorer is a SaaS app hosted on IBM Security Connect. It works better on the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.

You can connect multiple data sources to Data Explorer such as SIEMs like QRadar, QRadar on Cloud and Splunk or EDR solutions like Carbon Black and Big Fix. IBM is building more data source connectors along with our partners. In addition, user can create their own using the SDK.

Data sources in the IBM Cloud (like QRadar on Cloud) can be connected directly. Data sources outside of the IBM Cloud have to be connected through the deployment of a IBM Cloud data gateway.

IBM Security Connect is an open, cloud-based platform that enables organizations to leverage security data and intelligence from all connected security assets.

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