IBM Common Data Provider for z Systems features

Single collection point

Use a common infrastructure for accessing operational data, including: SMF records such as SMF 30 and SMF 80 records; SYSLOG The IBM z/OS System Log and USS SyslogD; JOBLOGs output written to a DD by a running job; Application logs including IBM CICS Transaction Server logs and IBM WebSphere® Application Server logs; Generic files—and send operational data generated by your own applications.

Streaming data or batch mode

Steam structured and unstructured data to analytics solutions in near real time. Use batch mode to collect detailed data for analysis or troubleshooting and retrieve archive information to investigate recurring problems.

Intuitive web interface

Quickly define data collection parameters—the ways in which the data can be consumed—and the consumers of the data. The same data can be sent to multiple consumers such as IBM Operations Analytics for z Systems and other analytics solutions.

Configuration tool

Control the data flow from data gathering programs using policies. Data gathering programs pass data through a data streamer which transforms the data before transmitting it to consumers.

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