What can IBM Cloud Object Storage do for you?

IBM Cloud Object Storage provides an industry leading hyperscale and cost effective solution for secondary storage and multiple cloud native use cases. Our solution is used by customers across the globe for modern workloads such as AI, analytics, IoT, video distribution and cloud storage for service providers including IBM Cloud. With our new Gen2 efficiencies, customers can lower the cost of storage up to 54% over previous generation systems and also obtain up to 150% better performance. Customers can protect their data in multiple sites with our geo-dispersed data protection and our lower cost efficiencies in two or more sites.

Scalability with virtually no limits

Offers 72 TB to greater than an exabyte, and easy to scale capability or performance.

Secure to the core

Provides encrypted data with IBM keys or yours, plus FIPS 140-2 certified and secure write-once read many (WORM) policy options.

Simplicity that lets you rest easy

Access data concurrently from any location—always online, virtually management free.

Efficiency to drive down cost

Delivers geo-protected data with Information Dispersal Algorithm (IDA) efficiency; available as software only or fully supported solutions.

Key features of IBM Cloud Object Storage

  • Gen2 storage efficiencies lowers cost; increases performance
  • AI search and data tagging with IBM Spectrum Discover
  • Store objects and files at significantly lower cost
  • Reduce the complexity of managing large-scale storage
  • Data protection without replication or triple copies
  • Proven industry leader as defined by Analyst
  • Built-in industry compliance for safe data protection
  • Cost-effective geo-dispersed data protection
  • Engineered for massive scalability
  • Pre-certified designs for easy configuration
  • Customers achieved average 255% ROI and 8 month payback