Four good reasons to use these services

Simplify IT complexity and support higher availability

Our skilled and experienced IBM support specialists work with you to facilitate more consistent, enterprise-wide support and to simplify business processes across IT silos. Acting as a single point of contact for hardware and software support, we help reduce the risk of downtime that comes with managing a complex multivendor environment. And if you do experience an outage, you can rely on your IBM team’s expertise to help you more quickly identify and resolve its cause.

Free your internal resources to focus on business innovation

Our managed IT support services can relieve your staff of the day-to-day burden of IT management. This allows them to concentrate on key initiatives while our proactive, predictive services help keep you ahead of problems that could hamper IT service delivery or cause an outage. You can choose from a broad array of premium-level, “add-on” IT support services for a customized solution that can give you the support you need, when and where you need it.

Reduce IT costs through more effective lifecycle maintenance

We can provide more visibility into IT support costs and data, supporting more-informed business decisions and investments which may substantially reduce capital investment and support cost.

Rely on in-depth expertise from IBM

With more than three decades of experience supporting multivendor environments, IBM can offer a proven history of support delivery and reliability. We can bring time-tested methodologies and sophisticated analytics tools to help reduce IT complexity, avert potential problems and optimize availability. And our collaborative approach to IT infrastructure support is designed to provide a more cost-effective, flexible solution that is customized to your specific needs.

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