Cisco Catalyst 3560 Series Switches

The Catalyst 3560 Series are next-generation, energy-efficient, Layer 3 Fast Ethernet switches. They support Cisco EnergyWise technology, which helps companies manage power consumption of the network infrastructure and network-attached devices. The result is you can reduce your energy costs and your carbon footprint.
Cisco Catalyst 3560 - CX Series

Ease of Use and Deployment

Cisco Express Setup simplifies initial configuration with a Web browser, eliminating the need for more complex terminal emulation programs and CLI knowledge.

High-Performance IP Routing

Cisco Express Forwarding hardware routing architecture delivers extremely high-performance IP routing. Basic IP unicast routing protocols are supported for small-network routing applications.

Better networkwide security features

Cisco security VLAN ACLs prevent unauthorized data flows from being bridged within VLANs. Cisco standard and extended IP security router defines security policies on routed interfaces.

Key features

  • Energy efficiency
  • Choice of software images
  • Simple network management
  • Network support services