Why you should use IBM Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server

Fast, reliable transfers

Manually or automatically transfer files and directories or schedule repeating transfers. Allocate bandwidth based on transfer priority. Enable connections with a variety of client options – including desktop applications and mobile apps. Provide a worry-free experience with automatic retry-and-resume from the point of interruption. The server can be embedded into any web application to serve as the high-speed backbone for transfers of file-based data over public Internet or private IP links.

Scalable and efficient transfer environment

High-performance Fast, Adaptive and Secure Protocol (FASP®) transport supports thousands of concurrent transfer sessions and delivers solid throughput over high-loss and high-delay networks and maximizes utilization of allocated bandwidth on low capacity and on multi-gigabit networks.

Enterprise-grade security

Aspera FASP transfer protocol protects your vital digital assets with thorough Secure Shell (SSH) authentication, in-transit and at-rest encryption – as well as data integrity for each transmitted block.

File-based workflow automations

Create repeatable and scheduled transfers (one time and recurring) using templates in Aspera Console. Develop custom pre- and post-transfer processing with hot folders, scripts, web services and third-party embedded clients. Accept non-Aspera file transfers and automatically forward files to any other Aspera server.

Granular administrative options

Server administrators can create user accounts with varied levels of access control, defining “root” directory, security requirements and bandwidth profiles. Admin-level users have access to real-time transfer monitoring, detailed reporting and control over aggregate and per-flow transfer rate caps and prioritization.

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