Feature spotlights

A fast, innovative and secure file sharing solution

This software reduces the amount of information that needs to be transmitted to keep different devices and data stores synchronized. It delivers high-speed transfers regardless of file size, distance and network conditions and permits data delivery with automatic resume of partial transfers, retries of failed transfers and fallback to HTTP for highly restrictive networks. It provides the ability to globally exchange data sets and files that are too large for standard file-sharing products.

Direct integration with the desktop

IBM® Aspera® File Sharing Suite enables remote browsing of shared files and simple drag-and-drop movement of those files and folders. It directly synchronizes any network file system or local directory with remote servers and other drive users, and mirrors content from remote sites. It allows large files or entire directories to be delivered as digital packages to remote project teams by right-clicking and entering the recipient’s email address.

Quick, easy sharing and accessing of data

This software provides iOS and Android mobile applications for uploading, downloading, sending and receiving files to and from devices. It facilitates efficient high-speed file synchronization and sharing over wifi and cellular networks. It enables files of any size or entire folders to be sent as an attachment to a standard Microsoft Outlook email.

Powerful security features

IBM Aspera File Sharing Suite shares and synchronizes files that can pass enterprise security policy standards. It lessens the security risk when sharing file-based information that remains within the enterprise and integrates with existing enterprise security infrastructures such as Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), single sign-on (SSO) and antivirus/data loss prevention. It can also extend to a hybrid cloud deployment with local storage to address the data ownership requirement.

A variety of easy-to-use web and client interfaces

This software presents a consolidated view with searching, filtering and sorting capabilities. It provides high-speed upload and download of transferred packages using a browser plug-in, desktop application, Microsoft Outlook add-in, and Apple iOS and Android mobile applications. It offers granular control over user operations including browsing, uploading, downloading, renaming or deleting files, and adding or removing directories. It features private drop boxes for content contribution.

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