IBM Application Delivery Intelligence features

Broad code coverage

Application Delivery Intelligence helps you capture code coverage data from testing so you can identify potential test overlaps and optimize test plans. Code coverage data can be generated from the integrated debugger in IBM® Developer for z Systems® or by the IBM Debug Tool. Application Delivery Intelligence has improved performance to achieve loading of tens of thousands of files and flow points for analysis.

Test optimization

Application Delivery Intelligence gives you the tools to monitor the effectiveness of your testing regime and DevOps adoption. It can help optimize testing by recommending other tests to be run to achieve optimal coverage: tests to help keep up with changes and prevent regressions, optimization workflow makes it easier to roll-up test recommendations for a specific set of changes, improved sorting and filtering can show only changed files with insufficient coverage.

Early problem detection

With an intuitive interface that delivers near real time access to information, you can visualize response time, CPU time and usage frequency data from IBM OMEGAMON® for CICS®.

Governance of maintenance

IBM Application Discovery exposes code inventory, code complexity and other quality metrics trends at the project level. You can compare maintainability indexes, artifacts, source lines of code and dead code between projects to provide insights on project quality.

Risk minimization and anticipation

With ADI, you can easily access previously hidden Ops data to detect any performance issues that come up during the development lifecycle. In function tests, you can ensure there is no regression with unit testing and adjust the regression testing focus to anticipate and minimize the risk of breaks in production by accessing a quick view of the critical applications based on usage frequency. This helps identify problems early to specify provision/set up/adjust test environments with production.

Project health improvement

Quickly scan and understand code coverage, performance, complexity, and maintainability to identify critical programs. ADI helps to reduce complexity to improve maintainability by accessing a view of overall project health, and to drive projects to completion by providing insights about metrics and trends (number of lines, dead code etc.). The tools and reports ensure proper quality code is being developed and can drive decisions about which vendor to stick with or prioritize in-house projects.

Root cause analysis

Identify transaction response times in a graph and compare them to Db2® and File I/O wait time peaks. Use the Transaction Composition Map for poorly performing transactions and take corrective action against the identified program artifacts that call in to the same data source(s) to see if any components have changed recently. Application Delivery Intelligence now has graphical program interdependence analysis to help you improve your understanding of the artifacts.

Cognitive user guidance

By correlating insights from OMEGAMON for CICS and Application Discovery data, discover poor-performing transactions, problematic artifacts and rank results to evaluate risky program artifacts. Examine the quality index of the relevant code and know if the code has been recently changed to take corrective action. Visualize artifact dependencies to pin point problematic artifacts and largest factors leading to degraded transaction response times, so you can plan and make artifact changes faster.

New user experience

Developers can select their role after logging in to ADI. In addition, they can provide feedback directly with a send-feedback page. Application Delivery Intelligence has free search for programs and transactions to discover their usage. This will help your new developers to understand their application landscape quickly (how and where are they used). Application Delivery Intelligence is available in five different languages, including English, Japanese, German, French and Spanish.

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