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Eurobits Content Aggregation Service is the pioneer and leading Account Information Service in Europe. Since 2004 Eurobits retrieves financial balances and transactions and relevant non financial information for its customers on a daily basis.

Unified customer information

Enable your customers to access all their relevant financial information from a single place, update the information on demand and deliver holistic alerts and reports once the information is updated.

Categorization and Budgeting

Categorize your customer's information to help him better understand and manage his spend patterns and his budget.

Customer Intimacy

Know your customer better by analyzing his spend patterns and his needs. You can only serve your customer as well as you know it.

Right Selling & Brand Loyalty

Once you know what your customer really does and needs you can target the right products and services for him. It's a win-win proposition.

PSD2 Compliance and Leveraging

Eurobits Account Information Service allows Euro Zone banks to comply with PSD2 from January 2018 onwards. It can also help you leverage the directive to turn a threat into an opportunity.

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Eurobits Account Information Service

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Eurobits Account Information Service