Tape drives

Reduce your storage costs, simplify data management, enhance security and compliance fostering an air-gapped cyber- resilient infrastructure

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Tape-based data storage for powerful data protection

Tens of thousands of cyberattacks occur around the globe every day, costing businesses and private individuals trillions of dollars. The “air gap” created when tape cartridges are secured offline provides one of the most effective defenses against a wide range of cyber threats.  Re-discover the simple, inexpensive technology that is virtually impervious to cyberattacks and is already in your data center – tape drives.


Choose from a full range of tape drives with low cost of ownership

The new IBM LTO 9 Tape Drive uses next-generation LTO Ultrium 9 cartridges to store up to 45 TB of compressed data per cartridge – better capacity than previous generations – with a ten-year TCO for data retention that is 86% lower than an all-disk solution and 66% lower than an all-cloud storage solution. Discover how to reduce your storage costs, simplify data management and enhance security and compliance.

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IBM TS1100 Tape Drives

IBM TS1100 Tape Drives

An easy way to deliver fast access to data, improve security and provide long-term retention at a lower cost than disk solutions. IBM tape drives are supported in IBM tape libraries as well as IBM racks that enable stand-alone installations

LTO® Tape Drives

LTO® Tape Drives

The entry point for the IBM family of LTO Ultrium tape products is designed to provide greater capacity and an improved data transfer rate with the capability for data encryption and media partitioning.

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Data backup and recovery solutions

Go beyond data backup and recovery to unify workload protection and cyber resilience.

IBM LTO 9 Tape Drive

Gain up to 45 TB of compressed data per cartridge with next-generation LTO Ultrium 9 technology.