Bendigo and Adelaide Bank deploys cloud -ready IBM Storage Solution

How IBM Storage increased storage efficiency for DrillingInfo

Pixit Media

Fast and scaleable, with single name space and cloud-tiering. Curious?

"Customers are achieving 60 - 70% TCO reduction", VP Marketing, Ctera.

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Data Protection in the Big Data Era

Address all your data  protection woes in a virtual environment with Spectrum Protect Plus

Simplify data protection and availability in Virtual Environment

Protecting your data in a virtual environment will not be complicated anymore

Backup and Beyond 

Is your current backup storage ready for future? Think Again

Change the picture for this one. Any appropriate IBM approved picture would do

Support next generation applications with IBM Software- Defined Storage Solutions

Change  the way you manage, protect, and store data with IBM Software -Defined Storage portolio, Spectrum Storage Suite

Data protection you can trust

Whether it's back up, disaster recovery, data governance, or solutions for DevOps, IBM modernizes data protection to meet today's most difficult business challenges.

An imperative for digital transformation 

Software-defined storage is a critical component of next-generation IT infrastructure. This infographic highlights the strategic advantages of deploying SDS.