Run SAP HANA on the platform built for big data

With built-in virtualization and capacity on demand, IBM Power Systems™ meet the demands of data-intense in-memory workloads, allowing you to grow your database capacity and the size of your SAP HANA® environment without having to provision a new server.

Achieve up to 99.999% uptime

Average lowest percentage annual server downtime, the equivalent of only 5.25 minutes of unplanned per server downtime. (1)

8 production instances per server

Run up to 8 SAP HANA production instances per server, with up to 16 TB LPARs for SAP Business Suite and S/4HANA. (2)

Lower your TCO

Save on operational costs from server consolidation, resulting in a smaller data center footprint and lower hardware acquisition.

Meet the demands of SAP HANA workloads now and into the future

You’ve made the decision to implement SAP HANA. But to get the most from your database, you need to deploy on a platform that won’t hold you back when the demands are high. Learn why IBM Power Systems is the ideal partner for SAP HANA mission-critical workloads.

SAP HANA and IBM Power Systems in action

See how these customers realized the benefits of faster business processes, simple migration and industry leading security on IBM Power Systems.

Mondi Austria

Packaging and paper specialist that benefits from the high-speed reporting with one report running 400x faster.

Coop Group

Shopping services innovator that enjoys the flexibility of shared processor pools on each Power Systems server.


Back-office service provider that benefits from rapid analysis of colossal quantities of data to drive better service to customers.

Explore the benefits of migrating to IBM Power Systems for SAP HANA

Realize the maximum value from your SAP HANA investment. Get to know the potential of SAP HANA on Power Systems.

Explore our featured servers

“A next-generation platform tuned for the flexibility, resiliency and performance required by the digital age.”

– MIT Technology Review

IBM Power System H922

This powerhouse easily integrates into your organization's cloud and cognitive strategy, delivering industry-leading price/performance for your mission-critical workloads. You’ll gain insights faster from your data with 4 TB in-memory database capabilities.

IBM Power System H924

Built and optimized for SAP HANA, this IBM Power System boasts a large memory footprint of up to 4 TB in a dense form factor for gaining insights faster while delivering high reliability and performance.

IBM Power System E850C

The 4-socket Power E850C server is a versatile system with the ability to support up to 4 TB of memory and 6 production SAP HANA LPARs or 5 production LPARs and one shared pool, allowing maximized system utilization through mixed workloads.

IBM Power System E880C

Built for big data and the largest of SAP HANA environments, the Power E880C can be configured with up to 32 TB of memory and can host up to 8 production SAP HANA LPARs. With Capacity on Demand, this future-proof system can grow along with your environment.


Doing more with less: SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems

Learn about the advantages of running SAP workloads with SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems instead of a traditional database.

Choice and flexibility with IBM & SAP

IBM and SAP leaders discuss how the two companies are innovating together to reduce the total cost of ownership and improving the efficiency for clients deploying SAP HANA.

Power Systems: the optimal platform for SAP HANA

Find out how Power Systems meets the unique requirements of SAP HANA now and into the future.

Talk to an expert about your server options

Want to learn more about how IBM Power Systems can optimize your infrastructure for SAP HANA? Speak with a Power Systems expert about migrating to SAP Hana without missing a beat.

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