Leveraging IBM LinuxONE and Temenos Infinity to Temenos T24 Transact for Digital and Core Banking Solutions

A typical client of IBM and Temenos  looks to this combined banking solution to respond faster to changing market opportunities. Clients also want to address new regulatory requirements while, at the same time, reduce operating costs and maintain extraordinary customer service.  

The Challenge - Smarter Core Banking: Today, core banking modernization is one of the top priorities for global banking institutions. Banks are re-examining their core banking systems with a focus on phasing in capabilities to help them to thrive in the context of new realitie around risk, regulation and customer expectations and acquisition.

Transformation : Temenos approves the use of their software on IBM LinuxOne to help to deliver a bold new approach for banks, delivering rapid, reliable performance for new customer-centric services and scaling out seamlessly to meet fast-growing demands.  

Tapping into new growth opportunities with LinuxONE

Temenos & IBM LinuxONE Partnership

Having a platform that delivers performance optimisation & cost efficiency - Is a great trilogy!

The IBM and Temenos Approach

Many banks are turning to IBM and Temenos, a leading global banking software company, to achieve a core banking modernization that is, at once, more efficient, readily compliant with new regulatory demands, and ‘smarter’ in the way it addresses customer needs.

Designing disruptive IT for financial services

A CIO’s guide to building a bank that thrives on change.

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LinuxONE More Info

LinuxONE is an enterprise-grade Linux server with a unique architecture designed to bring together IBM’s experience in building secure, resilient, and scalable systems with the openness of the Linux operating system. The result is a platform that scales like a cloud, provides class-leading security, has traditional enterprise server reliability, and can consolidate workloads from many smaller servers onto a single integrated LinuxONE machine.

Business benefits of leveraging IBM LinuxONE and Temenos T24 Transact

6x rise in transactions

6x to 12x rise in transactions during peak season handled effortlessly, supporting smooth service.

44% lower total cost

44% lower total cost of ownership projected by migrating to LinuxONE platform from x86

Modern, future-proof banking services

Modern, future-proof banking services from LinuxONE and Temenos help your bank win, and retain,  new customers.

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