LinuxONE: the data-serving platform to accelerate your digital transformation

Built for mission-critical workloads on tried and tested hardware, LinuxONE secures the current and future states of your data center and supports the transformation demands of your business.


Capable of supporting up to 377 billion database transactions per day.


Scale a single MongoDB database to 17TB on a single server with less than 1ms response times at large scale.


Protect your customers’ trust on the platform with 100% application data encryption.

Database consolidation

Lower costs, increase productivity

Save money, share resources and simplify management by consolidating databases distributed across servers onto LinuxONE. Take advantage of faster processors, large shared memory and greater I/O bandwidth to minimize the number of cores required and reduce software and operational costs. Run up to 10x as much database workload per core vs. x86.

Scalable data servers

The most highly engineered Linux system for data serving

LinuxONE scales vertically or horizontally to meet crucial digital transformation initiatives without disrupting your business.

  • Offload I/O to keep your main cores free to run multiple mixed workloads in parallel without slowing.
  • Gain up to 50% faster Java performance.
  • Scale instantly with great performance and support up to 2M Docker containers – even during spikes in demand.

LinuxONE handles it all with up to 170 cores (equivalent to up to 1,000 x86 cores), hundreds of dedicated I/O processors and the fastest commercial processor available.


Reduce risk and resource costs with IBM Cloud Hyper Protect DBaaS

A highly secure DBaaS allows you to retain your data in a fully-encrypted database without the need for specialized skills, and provides additional protection against breaches by delivering pervasive encryption and secure service container technology.

Enterprise data insights

Mine your proprietary data for valuable insights to grow your business

The opportunity for game-changing insights that enrich customer experiences happens at the point of the transaction or interaction – not days or months later when the data has been moved into a data warehouse. Only LinuxONE provides you with analytics at the data source for a single source of truth across the enterprise, with military grade security to protect your most valuable assets.

Hear from customers

“We can bet the business on LinuxONE – and I can sleep easily in the knowledge that we can absolutely rely on our data delivery systems.”

Graham Mallin, Executive Head of Technology, Met Office

Meet LinuxONE, the new standard for data privacy and security



Bring your cloud adoption to the next level with the ultimate uptime, hyper security, and agile deployment.

LinuxONE Rockhopper II

LinuxONE Rockhopper II

The entry Linux server in the LinuxONE family offers many of the LinuxONE III’s capabilities, sized to fit any cloud data center—from a startup to an established bank.

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